The Team of the Festival

festival international du film sur le handicap court métrage sur le thème du handicap entr'2 marches

Dominique Veran 

President & Founder of the Festival

Legs disabled

The International Festival ENTR'2 MARCHES is meant to give a place of honor to people with disabilities, so that they feel no longer victims, but actors of their life and of the city. The Handicap gives strength: they have been multiplied tenfold, channeled and combined to realize this International Festival ENTR'2 MARCHES. This is the first Cannes festival of short films organized by disabled people to show another view on disability. "

A big thank you to all the volunteers who are not named here and who make possible to renew the "Entr'2 Marches" Festival every year. Without their involvement, nothing would be possible!

Stéphane Bullot 

Directeur de la programmation

Mireille Azzaro

Relation Partenaires

François Laperou 


Philippe Lecoq


Camille Audibert 

Gestion Facebook

Michelle Seassal

Accueil du public

Jean-Pierre Ayache 

Sélection des films

Robert Bérenguer 

Directeur Evènement APF


Interprète anglais-français

Isabelle Pichard

Contact Presse

Luc Lavenne 

Graphiste - Illustrateur


Olivier Wagner 


Hubert Cornudet

Sélection des films

Norman Meranus

Sélection des films

David Guillon

Sélection des films