The Festival's Artistic Supporters

Georges Lautner

Writer & Director Jan 24, 1926 – Nov 22, 2013

Georges Lautner was the first godfather of the Festival Entr'2 Marches, from 2010 until his death in 2013. From the very beginning he has been an Unconditional support of our festival and despite his recognized talent, he has always been of a great humility in front of the young creators who offer us their films.


We keep him a memory of emotion and to honor his memory and never forget his support and kindness, our "Audience Award" became the "Audience Award Georges Lautner".


Chantal Lauby did us the honor to accept to take this difficult succession by being since 2014 the godmother of our Festival.

Chantal Lauby

Actress & Director

Since 2014, Chantal Lauby has become the godmother of the Festival "Entr'2 Marches", succeeding Georges LAUTNER, the first godfather. "I accepted this lovely position with joy and pride. This festival, which aims to present international short films dealing with disability, all disabilities, obviously deserves its place within the Cannes Film Festival, the festival of all cinemas. I am happy to support its information and entertainment action, the films presented are of great quality and diversity. Thank you to Dominique Véran [President and founder of the festival and of the Association Entre 2 Cannes] for choosing me as godmother (...) to APF France handicap [co-producer of the festival]".

Vincent Perrot

Producer, director / Radio and television man

"I first heard about "Entr'2 Marches" from its inaugural sponsor, filmmaker Georges Lautner. In addition to being the self-proclaimed godfather of my eldest son, Georges was like a second father to me. He told me that, in parallel to the Cannes Film Festival, "Entr'2 Marches" was a unique opportunity to discover exciting films with often too limited distribution. Apart from a few works set up for an announced public success, short and feature films much more ambitious and demanding deserved to find a platform and this is indeed the vocation of "Entr'2 Marches". This is why, as a film enthusiast but also as a citizen militant for the maximum integration of disability in our selfish world, I thank the organizers and Chantal Lauby for allowing me to share this sponsorship with her. Whatever she did to the good Lord, I thank her very warmly!"

They presided over the Festival "Entr'2 Marches"

Guillaume Levil

Président du Jury 2010


Fara Sene

Président du Jury 2011


Nicolas Barry

Président du Jury 2012


Isabelle de Hertogh

Présidente du Jury 2013


Vianney Lebasque

Président du Jury 2014


Simon Lelouch

Président du Jury 2015


 Jane Gull

Présidente du Jury 2016


 Noémie Churlet

Présidente du Jury 2017


Nima Raoofi

Président du Jury 2018


festival international du film sur le handicap court métrage sur le thème du handicap entr'2 marches

Jean Michel Carré

Président du Jury 2019