2019 Official Selection

20 Films in Competition

1 - "24H" by Marie-Lou Béland, Canada - 10 min

Tomorrow, Samuel will leave for a long trip. His brother Nicolas wants to prevent him from leaving him and "kidnaps" him for the night to make up for lost time. What would he do without his big brother?

2 - "Du bout de doigts" by Basile Vuillemin, France - 17 min

Alain refuses to accept the dramatic medical diagnosis of his son in a vegetative state following his drowning. One night he makes the decision and announces to his wife and daughter the intention to bring the child home. But their reaction is not what he expected.

3 - "Florindo & Carlotta" by Rossella Bergo, Italy - 15 min

Florindo is a disabled poet who came to collect a prize for poetry in a village forgotten by the world; Struggling to go home, he faces continuous obstacles. Carlotta is a prostitute who works on one of the endless streets of these desolate places and lives in an old farmhouse with colleagues, extravagant characters and failed artists. Their meeting will change their lives.

4 - "L’amazone" by Alexandra Naoum, France - 14 min

Elie, 30 years old, has conquered cancer and lost a breast in this battle. She chose not to be rebuilt with surgery. During a party she falls in love with a man she thought she would never see again and must face her doubts and new femininity ...

5 - "L’un pour l’autre" by Léo et Brice Fontaine, France - 27min

Alban is a young soccer prospect who sees his future go up in smoke because of an injury. He meets Sarah, a young athlete of his age, who will help him regain his self-confidence ...

6 - "La faim des fous" by Franck Seuret, France - 53 min

Hélène Gerrier has decided to exhume this family secret and go to meet these internees fallen into oblivion of their families and national history.

7 - "Les jouvencelles" by Delphine Corrard, France - 20 min

Laurenne is an old lady in a retirement home. Discreet and obedient, she is gently depressed. Until she meets Sylvie, a 40-year-old woman hired recently in the establishment. By becoming her friend, she finally discovers what audacity is ...

8 - "Limit" by Javad DARAEI - Iran - 7 min

Someone, in a quiet place, asks for help from people he sees until someone finally enters the house and suddenly ....

9 - "Miss Hong" by Jong Ki Jeon, Korea - 7 min

In a sanatorium, a grandmother with Alzheimer's loses her "toeshoes" which contains her childhood memories with her family.

10 - "Mission Handicap(ée)" by Adeline De Oliviéra, France - 6 min

Adeline is preparing a film about a comedian with a disability. As part of the Festival Regards Croisés. His protagonist does not answer her anymore, while the shooting is planned in 3 days. She then decides to stop filming and seeks a disabled person at all costs to make her film ....

11 - "Mon frère ce héros" by Sylvie Rozenbaum, Israel - 1h18

A group of remarkable young people with trisomy embark on a demanding trek through the Indian Himalayas, accompanied by their brothers and sisters. Unresolved conflicts and the complexity of growing up with a child with trisomy in the family come to the fore, as brotherhood and close proximity develop between siblings who face tremendous physical and emotional challenges

12 - "Mutterschaft" by Flavio Rigamonti, Italy -  5 min

A mother fights to fulfill her duty to care for a disabled son. Torn between her responsibility and a moral struggle, how far can she push her own conscience when assuming her duty becomes a shame?

13 - "Need You Now" by Cremance, Mexico - 16 min

A teenager girl with trisomy falls in love with an albino boy.

14 - "Room to the stars" by Ilune Diaz, Spain - 16 min

Elena, age 7, is visiting her elderly grandmother Asunción, for the first time since she is affected by Alzheimer's disease. Ella entrusts Elena with the complex task of bringing the stars that are hidden around the house.

15 -  "Tea" by Shokir Kholikov, Ouzbekistan - 15 min

If you observe human life, it seems that a human being lives only for its own benefits, but there are other reasons to live. 

16 -  "The Landing" by Agustín Rubio, Spain - 14 min

Carla punishes her son Nacho by putting him on the landing. Pascual, the father, arrives a few minutes later. The child is gone. The couple embark on an anguishing search throughout the building.

17 - "The Remembrance" by Ilker Kabayel, Turkey - 16 min

Inspired by Dostoevsky, this is the story of Ayfer who goes on the road with his father suffering from Alzheimer's hoping to go back in time and meet a happiness never known

18 - "This Business Of Autism" by Stephen Mackey, USA - 1h47

This film is a documentary about the economic and social benefits of employing young autistic adults.

19 - "Touch" by Satar Al Harbi, Iraq - 10 min

A disabled man is abused by his wife A prostitute is hired from time to time. He pays a sum of money.

20 - "Un semblant by vie" de Joël Chalude, France - 43 min

Pinto and Edna have just moved into a low-cost apartment. Pinto has to go back to work but will be disturbed by his new environment and a succession of domestic incidents.

16 Films outside Competition

Including many award-winning films over the last 10 years

  • "Bastion" by Ray Jacob, England - 10 min
    A hairdresser welcomes in his living room an autistic client.

  • "D’égal à égal- Augenhöhe" by  Evi Goldmanner and Joachim Sullhopf, Germany - 1h39
    Michi, 10 yeras old, lives in a children's home. When he discovers a letter from his late mother to a man named Tom, Michi is convinced that it is his father. He starts looking for this man he has so much hoped for ...

  • "Handi’Cap en terres népalaises" by Olivier Marchal, France - 52 min

    Four people with disabilities go to Nepal, accompanied by valid people ... A human adventure rich in emotions and colors.

  • "Je suis un nez rouge" by Florence Demay Ernst, France - 5 min

    A man puts on his clown costume to distract sick children .... A meeting that contributes to healing.

  • "Just go !" by Pavel Gumennikov, Latvia - 11 min
    Inspired by an incredible true story; "Just" who lost both legs in an accident is in love with the girl next door "Ieva". 

  • "L’assistante" by Anne-Laure Jaulin and David Guiraud, France - 15 min

    A young man, crippled cerebral motor discovers his body thanks to the benevolent help of a sexual assistant.

  • "L’un pour l’autre" by Léo et Brice Fontaine, France - 27min

  • "Le nouveau est-il une bonne nouvelle" by Christian Godaré, France - 17 min
    In a school hosting students with disabilities, is announced the arrival of a new student ...
  • "Noix rouge" (2018) by Philippe Lecoq and Patrice Gablin, France - 14 min
    Clown Gaspard walks hospitals and institutions to bring happiness and laughter to sick children.
  • "Perfides" by  Philippe Lecoq, France - 19 min

    A girl employed by a school ensures the cleaning of the premises. She is accused of stealing objects. Appearances may be misleading ...

  • "Sexe, amour et handicap" by Jean-Michel Carré, France - 1h14 - Forbidden under 12 years old

  • "Sunny boy" by Jane Gull, England - 11 min

    Danny suffers from a rare skin disease, the xerodermapigmentosum, and must spend his life away from the light. He dreams of playing football outdoors, in the bright sun.

  • "Tant que tu respires" by Fara Sen, France - 19 min

    Every morning for a year, Samuel met Ima's gaze in the subway. Grand shy, he never dared to approach the young woman.

  • "The half of me" by Daniel Segui Florit, Spain - 15 min

    A couple of dancers become disabled, dream their dance life.

  • "Un semblant de vie" by Joël Chalude, France - 43 min

  • "You're not stupid" by Anna Zaytseva, Russia - 22 min

    A jealous girl is taking revenge on her blind sister.