2021 Official Selection

38 Films in Competition

Films in alphabetical order

"AHAAN" by Nikhil Pherwani, India - 1h 20 mn

Ahaan, a young man with Down's syndrome, is endearing and wants to lead a normal life.

Ozzy, a man in his 40s, suffers from OCD. These and his refusal to have a child are driving him away from his wife. Ozzy makes desperate attempts to win her back using Ahaan's help.

Ahaan unwittingly brings out a more human side of Ozzy, saving his marriage.

Ozzy then takes on the challenge of making Ahaan's dream come true.

"ALCOHOL FREE" by Sasan Salour, Iran - 14 mn

ESIO is a foreman in a dummy factory. He's a dwarf. He has a relationship with one of the mannequins and his employer finds out about it; he has to quit his job.

"A TRAVERS LES MURS" by Larissa Corriveau, Québec - 20 mn

Edmond, the only child of James and Mary, lives in a world without words, a situation that slowly creates uneasiness in the family. Immersed in his despair, Marie discovers the surprising world of her son, who is walled in his silence.

"BLIND DATE" by Xavier Inbona, France - 1 mn

It's not all about eye contact!

"BRAULIO" de Javier Selva, Spain - 7 mn

Braulio lives disconnected from reality. He only discovers the world through his computer. His house is abandoned, he is always alone and is not embarrassed to live in chaos. When his computer suddenly crashes, he doesn't know what to do and gets bored.


He decides by chance to see what's going on outside, where everything is new to him, but ...

"DONNA ON THE GO: REALLY!" by Vince Deadrick,   USA - 6 mn

"Donna On The Go" is a series designed to raise awareness among people with disabilities. It features the life of Donna Russo, a disabled actress and dancer (Donna Reed). She shows her struggles and victories as a person with a disability in a world of able-bodied people. 

"ENJOY" by AdriánOrdóñez, Spain - 7 mn

After a date full of boredom, a couple decides to change to make their lives better.

Despite the handicap that pursues them, Carla and Luis put love first and overcome all kinds of barriers.

"FEEROCE" by Fabien Ara, France - 13 min

"I want to be a girl, Mom. " Alma doesn't know how to react when Simon, her 8-year-old son, wants to dress up like a fairy to go to school. She asks her neighbors for help. Simon's statement is debated...

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" by Ertan Dogan, Turkey - 4 min

Soner can't find his place in this restaurant where a birthday party has been organized in his honor...

"HERE TODAY" by Erica Arvold & Meredith Grace Dabney, USA - 13 min

A high school student struggles to find her own identity with a new group of friends and discovers that, together, their choices have an impact beyond what they ever imagined. This universally autobiographical tale, written by 16-year-old Meredith Grace Dabney, is a reminder of vulnerability, of life's connections, and above all that words and actions, no matter how small, affect everyone.

"I CAN" by Diana Elizabeth Jordan, USA - 5 mn

"I CAN" follows Ellie, our heroine; as she is emotionally bombarded by friends, family, and her mentor to see if she is strong enough to face an unbeatable enemy, herself.

"INNOCENCE" by Ben Reid, UK - 20 min

When a worker dies in a nursing home, it seems like a terrible accident. But when a detective locates and interviews a young man with Down's syndrome, they discover a truth no one could have imagined.

"IN TWO MINDS" by David Streames, United Kingdom - 12 mn

A police officer, a young recruit, finds himself in a difficult situation with a troubled man, capable of the worst.

"IO LA SEDIA ME LA PORTO DA CASA" by Aurora Deiana, Italy - 13 mn

The writer Stefania is a finalist in a literary competition. After the first celebrations, it turns out that Durante, her rival, is also on the list. Who will come first? This seems to be the main knot around which the whole story revolves. Luckily, there is her husband Gianpaolo to cheer her on and then the sea from which she draws her inspiration.

On the evening of the event, an unexpected obstacle prevents the writer from being present at the award ceremony .

"JE M'APPELLE PETYA" by Daria Binevskaya, Russia - 15 mn

At night, the heroin and her daughters enter an isolated room in the infectious unit of a hospital. In the room next door lives a little boy with Down's syndrome.

At night, he paints on his bedroom window.

One night, this mother meets the boy; together they create a beautiful painting on the glass.

But in the morning, the boy is gone.

"LA FORÊT DE MON PERE" by Vero Cratzborn, Belgium - 91 min

Gina, 15, grows up in a loving family on the edge of the forest. She admires her father Jimmy, unpredictable and whimsical, whose excesses she is ready to forgive. Until the day when the situation becomes untenable: Jimmy tips over and the fragile family balance is broken. In incomprehension and revolt, Gina joins forces with a teenager from her neighborhood to save her father.

"LAS OTRAS CAMAS" by Jonay García, Spain - 15 mn

Laura is a sex worker for people with disabilities. Her boyfriend, Marco, can't handle the situation. He wants her to find another job.

One day he will understand that the only thing we need is a little affection to feel alive.

"LA VENTANA" by Daniela Cáceres López, Colombia - 13 mn

The couple's life, which Miguel and Ana share, is transformed when Miguel regains his sight after thirty years of blindness. Miguel faces the real world. Little by little, he begins to distance himself from Ana, and realizes that the ideal world he dreamed of before only existed in his imagination.  He observes his environment and ends up losing faith in man. He decides to record Ana's image and lock himself in his house to observe the outside world through his window.

"L’HOMME DES ARBRES ET DES HARICOTS VERTS" by Andrea Trivero, Italy - 19 mn

Daniel Balima, who is disabled due to polio, is a senior horticulturist in Tenkodogo, a small town in Burkina Faso. He lives there with his family and has been working there for 67 years. He uses his hands...

"LILY'S HAIR" by Raphael Gustavo Silva, Brazil - 15 min

Lily is a black girl who doesn't like her hair. With the help of Caio, her friend in a wheelchair, she tries to have hair like she has always dreamed of.

"MALOU" by Adalbert Wojaczek, Germany - 14 mn

Malou, irresistibly fights for her dream: to have a career as a dancer. After years of struggle and rejection, suddenly, luck smiles on her for once in his life.

"MEET MUNCH JR." by Ali Cowley, New Zealand - 7 mn

A father's love inspires an autistic teen to express himself by bringing a cartoon character to life...

"MISFIT" by Karanja Ng'endo, Kenya - 5 mn

An exploration of race and differences in skin colour. What happens when a person is too black to be white and too white to be black? An experimental look at albinism and colourism in the black community.

"PASSING THE FOG" by Amirali Mirderikvand, Islamic Republic of Iran - 6 min

What if we shared together a little of the life of Mr. SAFAR and AREZOU, his paralyzed daughter.

"PLANTED" by Amity Zmora, Israel - 1h 16 mn

Tammy wants to put her son, who is in a vegetative state after an accident, in a rehabilitation centre in order to save his family, which is collapsing.


She persists despite her husband's objections.

"PLEASE BE SEATED" by Kevin Scott, Ireland - 5 mn

Let us be thankful for the simple things in life; not all of us are fortunate enough to have them.

"REVERB" by Minkyu Kang, USA - 7 min

A 9-year-old pianist learns a different way of listening to the world.

"SCARS" (La Disgrâce) by Didier Cros, France - 57 mn

Are you afraid to look at another face?

Men and women we look at with difficulty. We look at them out of the corner of our eyes because we lack the courage to face them. This film gives voice to destroyed faces, to identities riddled with chance or destiny. Misshapen figures from birth, faces ravaged by the accidents of life.

How can we live under the weight of difference?

"SHADE GUZZLING" by Ultike Korbach, Germany - 20 min

Anke Ames has a charmed life. People, music, ideas, ... Everything enchants her...
The doctors call her disorder bipolar... She is a shadow in the face of a world that categorizes, qualifies, rationalizes, and puts things in small, narrow boxes...

"SWEET SOLACE" by Nicolas Durand, France - 9 mn

Boïko, a penniless and whimsical street musician, smiles again when he sees Christelle and Joseph, two blind passers-by, who meet each other by chance ... Boïko leads the two blind people into his imaginary world made of films and music...

"THE ROAD TO NOWHERE" by Alex Bustamante, United Kingdom - 13 mn

"The Road to Nowhere" is a drama set during the holiday season.

A suicidal man visits his grandfather and unexpectedly receives a new perspective on life.

"THE ROLE" by Evgeniya Justus, Russian Federation - 12 min

On the verge of life and death, leaving aside her fears and complexes, an actress goes to the audition of a famous director to get the role she had dreamed of all her life.

"THE SLEEPLESS" by Kami Sadraei, USA - 7 min

An ordinary psychotherapy session takes an unexpected turn.

"UPS AND DOWNS" by Eoin Cleland, Ireland - 1h

A young man with Down's syndrome lies to his sister about going to a concert.

Traveling adventures.  With no phone, no money and no plan, can they make it?

Their mother worries and looks for them...

"VOLER ESSERE FELICE AD OGNI COSTO" by Michele Bertini Malgarini, Italy - 15 mn

Two young people, love and a wild and wonderful island populated only by deaf people.

Paolo is a musician and he is in love with Claudia, a girl he has never really met, but with whom he exchanges many messages.

To meet her, he will leave for the island where she lives. There he will have to defend his love for her.

"WEIGHTLESS" by Dominic Rüedi, Switzerland - 18 min

With a negative diagnosis from his doctor leaving little hope for recovery, Paul decides to fulfill a promise he made to his late mother. He talks to Tim and convinces him to follow him on his journey to the limits of what is possible...

"WIGGLE ROOM" by Sam Guest & Julia Baylis, USA - 14 min

Determined to save her ramp, Daisy confronts an insurance agent.

"ZIGONESHI, expédition en territoire Kogi" by Lilian Vezin, France - 52 min

A team of adventurers, including the blind travel writer Jean-Pierre Brouillaud, guided by his daughter Leila, set out to discover an exceptional nature and an ancestral and mystical culture, on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in northern Colombia.