Program of the Festival

IMPORTANT : For individuals, it is not necessary to reserve your seats. Tickets, which are always free, will be allocated directly on the spot on a "first come, first served" basis.

festival international du film sur le handicap court métrage sur le thème du handicap entr'2 marches

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 [3pm-4:30pm]

Opening of the Festival Entr’2 Marches 2020

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 [4:30pm-7pm]

"MISFIT" by Karanja Ng'endo, Kenya - 5 mn

"MALOU" by Adalbert Wojaczek, Germany - 14 mn

"I CAN" by Diana Elizabeth Jordan, USA - 5 mn

"A TRAVERS LES MURS" by Larissa Corriveau, Québec - 20 mn

"DEAF LOVE" by Michele Bertini Malgarini, Italy - 15 mn

"AHAAN" by Nikhil Pherwani, India - 1h 20 mn

Thursday, May 14, 2020 [9:30am-12am]

Selection Outside Competition

"LILY'S HAIR" by Raphael Gustavo Silva, Brazil - 15 min

"SUNNY BOY" by Jane Gull, England - 11 min

"L'UN POUR L'AUTRE" by Léo & Brice Fontaine, France - 27 min 

"MEET MUCH Jr" by Ali Cowley, New-Zealand - 7 min 

"JUST GO" by Pavel Gumennikov, Latvia - 11 min 

"PERFIDES" by  Philippe Lecoq, France - 19 min

Thursday, May 14, 2020 [3pm-6pm]

Selection in Competition

"SCARS" by Didier Cros, France - 57 mn

"THE ROAD TO NOWHERE" by Alex Bustamante, UK - 13 mn

"THE MAN OF THE TREES" by Andrea Trivero, Italy - 19 mn

"BRAULIO" by Javier Selva, Spain - 7 mn

"HERE TODAY" by Erica Arvold & Meredith Grace Dabney, USA - 13 min

"JE M'APPELLE PETYA" by Daria Binevskaya, Russia - 15 mn

Friday, May 15, 2020 [10am-12am]

Selection in Competition

"VIVRE PRESQUE COMME LES AUTRES" by Smail Beldjelalia, France - 56 mn

Friday, May 15, 2020 [3pm-6pm]

Selection in Competition

"IN TWO MINDS" by David Streames, UK - 12 mn

"BLIND DATE" by Xavier Inbona, France - 1 mn

"UPS AND DOWNS" by Eoin Cleland, Irland - 1h

"PLEASE BE SEATED" by Kevin Scott, Irland - 5 mn

"LAS OSTRAS CAMAS" by Jonay García, Spain - 15 mn

"ALCOHOL FREE" by Sasan Salour, Iran - 14 mn

"DONNA ON THE GO: REALLY !" by Vince Deadrick,   USA - 6 mn

Saturday, May 16, 2020 [3pm-6pm]

Selection in Competition

"ENJOY" by AdriánOrdóñez, Spain - 7 mn

"LA VENTANA" by Daniela Cáceres López, Colombia - 13 mn

"SWEET SOLACE" by Nicolas Durand, France - 9 mn 

"PLANTED" by Amity Zmora, Israel - 1h 16 mn

"IO LA SEDIA ME LA PORTO DA CASA" by Aurora Deiana, Italy - 13 mn

Sunday, May 17, 2020 [3pm-11pm]

Closing of the Festival Entr'2 Marches

Selection Outside Competition

"AMANDA ET SON PRINCE CHARMANT" by Jill Emery, France - 52 mn

16h - Closing and Award Ceremonies

19h - Cocktail Reception