festival international du film sur le handicap court métrage sur le thème du handicap entr'2 marches

Official 2018 Selection of the Festival Entr'2 Marches

International Short Film Festival about Disability

39 Films in Competition

Google translation. Please feel free to contact us if you find errors in translation.

1 - Sans mot dire

Quentin LECOCQ - France 45 mn

Amber is a waitress in a pub where time seems to have stopped. Evolving with a somewhat quirky clientele, she continues to dream of great love.


2 - Tendre héritage

Florent BRICHOUX - France - 16 mn 46"

After his wife's death, Léo decides to prepare his will, at the notary's office, to ensure his disabled son's future. But in reading it he realizes that he has little to worry about.


3 - Bleu-Gris

Laeticia MARTINUCCI - France - 15 mn

End of August. Corsica. Elbe, 17, deaf by birth, is on vacation with her older sister Mathilde. One day, when she goes to the lighthouse of Revellata, she sees a man who comes back alone from a scuba diving ...


4 - L'indécis

Pierre SABROU - France - 5 mn 27"

For François, taking the slightest decision is impossible. But his life is turned upside down when he seems to have found the solution to his dilemmas: the indecisive will play his life ... tossing!


5 - Les Maux de Liv

Lior NADJAR - France - 6 mn 11"

Liv, a teenager with a cheeky temperament, suffers from agophony following an accident. Not accepting her new condition, she refuses any communication with anyone. It's in the sign language reeducation centre that she attends and by her resistance to the program that she has a revelation


6 - Les vacances de Mimich

Joël BAUD - France - 10 mn 07"

Michel is a quadriplegic, his home help, Geoffrey decides to take him on vacation. Holidays that will turn into a nightmare.


7 - GP-to

Maxime GENTAL - France - 7 mn 27"

Every day a gigantic pipe dumps quantities of waste into a huge, very deep dump in the ground. A local creature called "GP-to"  finds and helps a child to survive by grafting a mechanical arm. The child, afraid to wake up in this world of scrap metal, is finally making real connections with his protector.


8 - Change ton cœur, pas ma couleur

Pierre Antoine CARPENTIER - France-Sénégal - 19 mn

Djibril is a Senegalese 30 year old with a stable situation, values and friends. And like other Senegalese, he has an a priori towards people with albinism. The day he meets them, he laughs at them, but what he doesn't know is that on that day, they will not let him get away with it.


9 - Non Temere

Marco CALVISE - Italy - 19 mn 46

Joseph, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, is a patient hospitalized in a clinic. It's the story of a typical day, his routine, his everyday life in which he sees everything as if it's the first time. As every morning, a nurse returns to the room to wake Joseph but this morning he already has his eyes open, panting, frightened by a worrying nightmare. So begins his day. Sitting in the dining room, He does not recognize his wife. Communication only goes through feelings and emotions. Anna can not enter her world. Giuly, his daughter, putting her grief aside, manages to enter his world through the music and an old newspaper in which he writes his habits ...


10 - Kill off

Geneviève CLAY-SMITH - Australia - 15 mn 46"

Jamie Brewer of the American horror story is Sonja, a woman with an intellectual disability who forms an unlikely friendship with a Sudanese refugee through their mutual love for the Krump (dance style)


11 - Signez là !

Benoit LECOMTE - France - 1 mn 30"

Sign here! The secret of a recruitment policy for employees with disabilities is "sourcing" or the art of finding the right candidates. And everyone knows that the more they graduate, the more rare they are on the market. Marie, Director of Human Resources has a know-how. She founds the rare pearl! However, you must know how to tame it.


12 - Clac !

Fabien ARA - France - 19 mn 32"

A family dines in a Chinese restaurant .... Mother: "I have Alzheimer, I'm going to kill myself tonight" The last meal of a family about to burst and sink in panic ..


13 - Besoin d'aide ?

Benoît LECOMTE - France - 1 mn 44"

Alice is deaf and Laetitia is blind. This sometimes creates communication problems between them but they adore each other. And for nothing in the world, they would accept that their disability forces them to do without their complicity ... Friendship is stronger than anything! Although we have to recognize that sometimes there are problems


14 - Let me try

JANARTHANAM K - India - 1 mn

We have to make sure that things happen, without hindsight or hesitation. I am the only one who has the right to decide what I can do and what I can not do. Do not judge a person by his appearance. Even if you do not help a person with a physical disability, all right. But do not try to sabotage his opportunities.


15 - Just go !

Pavel GUMENNiKIOVS - Lettonia - 10 mn 45"

Inspired by an incredible true story about a young man "Just" (24 years old) who lost both legs in an accident in his childhood and who is in love with the girl next door "Leva" (23 years old). The story begins when Just meets Leva on the doorstep of the house where they both live. They begin to flirt when they are interrupted by two thieves who steal Leva's bag in front of Just. In the blink of an eye, Just decides to pursue the thieves ...


16 - Woody's Order

Seth KRAMER - USA - 16 mn

For the first time, actress Ann Talman performs her "one woman show" for her muse: her disabled brain brother.


17 - From Inside

Ramy Hassan EL GABRY - Egypt - 4 mn 51"

After an exciting entertainment show at a birthday party, a group of curious youngsters sneaks into an artist's dressing room to discover what's behind his costume.


18 - Gestos

Julia CAZARRE - Brazil - 10 mn

Anna works in a bookstore. Lucas is suddenly interested in books, A romantic comedy in which Chaplin meets the new wave. In Brazil.


19 - Contre sens

Olivier MARCHAL - "France - 8 mn 08

A deaf girl integrates a high school ...


20 - Drummer Girl

Sophie HEXTER - Australia - 6 mn 21"

His life changes in a flash. Music gives him freedom.


21 - Retour d'arrêt maladie

Benoit LECOMTE - France - 1 mn 49"

Taking into account the disability of an employee and being sure that he enjoys better working conditions requires a lot of listening and a resolutely multidisciplinary approach with the different actors of the company. Of course, when no one wants to do their part, things are much more complicated.


22 - The Last Shot

Jan ORSZULAK - Poland - 8 mn 10"

Two alcoholics whose paths accidentally cross each other. Together they go through a strong alcoholic release. They share their experience, discovering what alcohol dependence really is and where it leads, not just at the level of the individual but for the entire nation. Scenario based on the journals of young alcoholics.


23 - Noix rouge

Philippe LECOQ and Patrice GABLIN - France - 14 mn

The Gaspard clown walks hospitals and institutions to bring happiness and laughter to sick children. One day, Gaspard gets sick and he does not smile anymore. Paul is a young in a situation of handicap which, during his childhood, crossed the road of Gaspard when nobody gave him any chance of survival. He is the one who can give Gaspard a smile. "Noix rouge" is an ode to life and hope.


24 - Mr et Mme Piccioli

Fabio FALZONE - Italia-France - 13 mn

Julie and Laurent tell their love in the gravity of everyday life. They have loved each other for 25 years, united in the battles of life and against the passing of time. Julie and Laurent are also Down syndrome.


25 - I've seen so much

Gonzalo GUAJARDO - Spain - 5 mn

Sintayehu Tesale is an Ethiopian carpenter. But not only. He is an inspiring person who leaves you with a mark after you have met him. He is perseverant, he is positive, he boosts your strength, he encourages you to get up. He is, in short, a motivational person. Perhaps part of this strength comes from his own battles, from his own experience, from being one of the few carpenters in the world to use his feet and not his hands.


26 - Reuben

Kaisania CALUBAQUIB - USA - 14 mn 35"

After the death of his wife, a depressive man, Dante, tries to express his sorrow by focusing on his art, neglecting his son Reuben, who happens to have special needs. But Reuben helps his father regain a taste for life through his unconditional love and passion for art. Finding comfort at the bottom of a bottle, Dante has tantrums ending in broken glasses. But despite everything, Reuben doesn't give up and does his best to repair the broken pieces. A short film without dialogue that expresses itself only through the visual narrative and symbolism.


27 - Charly est vivant

Thomas CHANSOU - France - 8 mn 18"

At the age of 6, Thomas has a leukemia as well as other heavy pathologies and crippling side effects linked to his treatments. 35 years later, he testifies on the subject with lightness, realism, and humor.


28 - Only five minutes

Mohammad MOHAMMADIAN - Iran - 5 mn

A blind girl walking down the street facing multiple obstacles. Important: it is an experimental short film, no camera was used during the production and it consists of sounds, the screen is black.


29 - Vergebung Forgiveness

Rima IRANI - Lebanon - 12 mn 38"

A patient participates in a session with his hypnotherapist. The goal is to return to childhood through all his past life. We can feel the conflict and the complexity. The theme is hypnosis and what it allows to adjust.


30 - Ferraille

Karima GUENNOUMI - Morocco - 17 mn 14"

Sarah works in a scrap yard while continuing her studies. She spends most of her free time repairing her old "4L" car, taking her autistic brother to see the sea for the first time. After her father-in-law stole her pay, Sarah sets up a vengeance that will allow her both to recover her money and to fulfill her brother's dream.


31 - Emergency Escape

SAFUAN SHAHRIL - Malaysia - 4 mn 50"

A 3D animated short film about a patient with broken legs trying to escape an injection.


32 - Eleven Blind People

ZHOU Yizhe - Chine - 5 mn 52"

At that time, people are misunderstood in the long history of the pursuit of human desire. Their imprint and their history are always valid for proving and learning.


33 - Long lost lover

Sandra Alland and Ania Urbanowska - Scotland - 4 mn 35 "

Short film in the form of a poem by the deaf poet Bea Webster about her return to Thailand. Silent film in British Sign Language, subtitled in English and French.


34 - The touch to pain

Hadzi-Aleksandar DJUROVIC - Serbia - 5 mn 49"

A love story between an old man in difficulty and his wife who has Alzheimer's disease.


35 - Silence on tourne… pour les malentendants

Bernard GRANGE - France - 15 mn

Participating in social and cultural life is a right, recognized in particular by the European Treaties and the Charter of Fundamental Rights. For the deaf and hard of hearing, access to culture remains, unfortunately, very difficult, if not impossible. Lack of subtitles for projected films. It is therefore necessary to make the media and the persons concerned aware of the subtitles.


36 - H.C.V

Artur BARSEGHYAN - Belgium - 6 mn

History evoking the difficulties of getting out of alcohol dependence and the world of drugs.


37 - La Rivière intranquille

Filipe GALVON - France - 10 mn

Seven years after interrupting her maiden world tour, the young Olivia Wattine remakes her itinerary by plunging into memories in front of the river that changed suddenly the course of her life.


38 - Au suivant

Anne Laure CHAUVET - France - 4 mn 30"

"In the next" tells the chaotic and somewhat metaphorical journey of different individuals seeking to be hired, nothing is said, but all is clear, through appointments, we want to try and understand .


39 - Limit

Javad DARAEI - Iran - 7 mn

Someone in a quiet area asked help from the people who he sees till someone enters the house and suddenly...

Three Movies Outside the Competition

Nice : 86 galets pour l’éternité

Nicolas DUCROT - France - 52 mn

A hymn to life "at more than 6,000 meters above sea level. The film "Nice: 86 pebbles for eternity", which traces the expedition led in the Himalayas in tribute to the victims of the attack on the Promenade des Anglais.

In the presence of the children who decorated the pebbles


L’école de la vie

Maïté ALBERDI - France - 52 mn

Anita, Rita, Ricardo and Andrés form a gang of friends with Down's syndrome who have shared the benches of the same school for 40 years. But they yearn for another life. They just want to be able to do what everyone else does: being independent, making money, getting married, starting a family. In short, at more than 50 years, we do not consider them anymore as children! But will the school of life allow them to realize their dreams?

Debate on the film and trisomy 21, in the presence of a person of this film.


Deux hommes, un regard

Lilian Vézin et Jean-Pierre Brouillaud - France - 52 mn

This documentary will take us in the footsteps of a blind traveler, who is Jean-Pierre Brouillaud. It is an inspiring initiation journey of a man who has pushed the limits of his handicap and turned it into destiny.

Debate on the film and the loss of vision, in the presence of Jean-Pierre Brouillaud.