The 2018 Jury

The President

festival international du film sur le handicap court métrage sur le thème du handicap entr'2 marches


President of the 2018  Jury


"In 2014, I had the privilege of having a short film selected at the Entr'2 Marches International Festival and had a good time, the festival atmosphere was warm and friendly and many of the selected films were touching. I had the opportunity to be part of this beautiful film festival again, this time as president of the jury, I am very happy and I can't wait to meet all the talented filmmakers and watch their films "

Memebers of the Jury

Joseph-Louis BARBOSA

Musician (Big Band Conductor)

ADMINISTRATOR APF (since 1999). Development Committee of Associative Life.

Representative of the APF to the Committee on Culture and Handicap (Ministry of Culture)

"I am pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the Entr'2 Marches festival. The most obvious reason is because I like cinema. "Entr'2 Marches" that I have been for a few years, rather on the spectator side, brings to society what it needs, a fresh look at the possibilities of people regardless of their disability. What counts and has always counted is creativity and how it is expressed to everyone. "


Representing Visual Impairment

"I'm 31 years old and I'm visually impaired. I like cinema but I miss the audio description so I watch television at home. What interests me in participating in the festival jury Entr'2 Marches, it is to be able to share with other people on the subject of screened films and to experience viewing films in audio description. Judging short films on the theme of disability particularly pleases me. "

Dominique LIBON


"I am an educator. Every year I accompany people with disabilities to the Festival Entr'2 Marches. Pauline has made a request to me to be on the jury and I will be interested to share this experience. "


Medical and psychological assistant

"I really like the festival "Entr'2 Marches" and I was very impressed with its beautiful international evolution and its quality; being part of the jury would be for me a very nice experience to share. "

Rodrigo Lopez CARDENAS

representing moving disability

"I have a moving disability, I move in an electric wheelchair. I am Mexican, I live in France for 4 years. I improve my French and I study in the second year of psychology. I am interested to be part of the jury because all my life I was attracted by the cinema and also because the handicap is something of the daily life. I hope to be able to give a critical point of view on each of the short films with my experiences of the daily life in connection with my handicap. "


representing the hearing impairment

Born in Nice (02/1949) became deaf gradually from 8 years old, totally 14 years old. I followed a normal school path up to the primary school certificate. CAP locksmith-ironworker. Worked without discontinuity, last professional activity as a technician at Thales. Retirement. Married two children. Knight National Order of Merit. "


representing the youth group

"I have been passionate about cinema of all kinds since my youngest age, delighted to participate in this cultural event that is particularly close to my heart. Having suffered from multiple sclerosis for fourteen years, I feel strongly invested in the cause of disability. The alliance of cinema and the theme of disability represents a real interest for me. Dynamic, motivated and totally available. "